Procedure for creating a DB Tech Report

  1. Obtain a next available number for your tech report. This is done by consulting the appropriate list of technical reports.
  2. Format and compile your latex document using the most recent class file dbtr.cls (using a figure to be named "db-1.eps"). The top part of dbtr.cls contains directions for how to do this.
  3. Upload the .pdf (preferred), .ps, or .ps.gz version using the upload form.
    Note: To achieve a coherent report series, the cover page and the second page must be syntactically correct/must conform to the standard.

  4. Following a succesful upload, the uploaded file and information will be checked by the DB Tech Reports administrator, and, if all is well, entered into the DB Tech Reports listing. The administrator will report status to you.
    DB Tech Reports should not be modified once created. However, under special circumstances, e.g., to correct errors, it is possible to revise a TR. In that case, a "rev" is appended to the TR number (e.g., TR-47 becomes TR-47rev).

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